Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kids and yoga -- opening up to their creative energy

Childlight Yoga ( is a terrific resource for people interested in learning more about why yoga is being offered at MUSEartspace.

Experience has shown me that opening children and adults up to their creative energy is incredibly powerful. Yoga is a great way to get the energy flowing, and to help with focus, and managing emotions and thoughts in a constructive and healthy way. Starting a day with a simple yoga session filled with gentle postures and breathing techniques can do wonders for a child and can make the rest of their day so much more enjoyable.

Come join the MUSEkids this summer for wonderful yoga camps filled with lots of fun, art, music, outdoor play and eco-projects.

MUSE Renos -- the week of June 1

Hi Peeps

Here's my reno schedule for this week.

NOTE: we are only painting - and if anyone has an extra ladder
if you could bring it that would be cool! Also extra paint pans and
roller handles are good. I have lots of roller replacements and brushes.

Tues June 1 --- 3 to 5pm
Wed June 2 --- 3 to 8pm
Thur June 3 --- 5:30 to 8pm
Sat June 5 --- 1 to 6pm
Sun June 6 --- not in

My Lovely Little Muse

I'm posting this today just as a reminder that our children are the ones we should be looking to for inspiration and advice on how to live our most creative lives. They are so imaginative, free and playful. They crave adventure and want to learn and explore. And the most precious commodity to a kid is love.

Today I strive to live life with the energy of a kid.