Friday, June 11, 2010

What is MUSEartspace?

From artists to art lovers, from children through to adults, MUSEartspace is a place for everyone. The open concept space holds an art gallery, a work studio, a lounge, a retail space and a community notice board. MUSE will be offering open studio time, children's summer and school year programming, and all ages programming and workshops. As well MUSE will host special functions like parties (for all ages), workshops, professional development seminars, charity functions and coffee houses. MUSE is taking proposals for shows in the gallery and welcomes all creatives to submit work to sell in the retail space. MUSEartspace is also available for rent should you want to run your own workshop, rehearsal or event.

MUSEartspace's mandate is to nourish creative growth in our community and to offer a space for emerging artists to show. The more people we have supporting this the bigger our creative presence will be. Join me on June 24th for the grand opening at 211 Euston St.! And remember to invite all your friends to join the MUSEartspace group on Facebook.

thanks peeps