Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Multi-media week for teens added to summer program

Due to popular demand!

Teens 12 to 15 are invited to join the MUSEartspace Multi-Media week Aug 02 to 06.
We will be learning how to tell a story using multi platforms like video, photography,
animation. Writing, directing, storyboarding, lighting, shooting and editing will be touched on. By week's end the teens will make a film or films which they will be able to take home on DVD.

$170 for the week (2 snacks included)
only 8 spaces available - pre registration a must
contact Renee at
or call 388-2044

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm trying to figure this interweb thing out so I can post a calender on this blog but for now here's what's up at MUSE in July.

Thu, July 1 - Closed
Fri, July 2 - Open 10 to 4
Saturdays in July - Open 10 to 1 (or longer for Rainy Day Drop In)
Sundays in July - Closed (unless open for Rainy Day Drop In)

(check into on those nasty rainy Saturday and Sunday mornings when the beach is not an option - we will post if we will be open for drop ins on the day of - $5 per child (adult accompaniment required))



Mon to Fri, July 5 to 9
Mon to Fri, July 12 to 16

9am to 10am - yoga for 8 to 12 year olds
11am to 12pm - art all ages
1pm to 2pm - storytelling and song with Michael Williams all ages

children must be accompanied by adult
fee is $5.oo per child per event

Mon to Fri, July 19 to 23
(see camp brochure and registration form for more details)

Mon to Fri, July 26 to 30
(see camp brochure and registration form for more details)


Tuesdays in July - 7pm to 9pm
Lovely Witches Club Social
an evening of fun and creative play with some lovely people
non-members welcome
(for more info about the Lovely Witches Club go to

Wed, July 7th
Heaven on Earth in PEI Social
like minded people gathering to share ideas and visions on how to bring Heaven on Earth to PEI

Wed, July 14 - 7pm to 9pm
join Michael Williams and friends in an evening dedicated to sharing song and music
(for more info contact Michael at

Wed, July 21 - 7pm to 10pm
An evening of storytelling led by Storyteller Michael Williams. Come share a story in the MUSE lounge!
$5 per person (refreshments available)

Rainy Day art open studio at MUSE

All ages can drop in to the MUSE artspace today from 11 to 3 for some art and play. Must be accompanied by a guardian. $5 per child.

Come play with us!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Painting, song and art at the MUSE!

It was heaven sitting in the MUSE all day today. The sun poured through the windows basking all the plants in its warm rays. Michael played his guitar and sang while I painted a sign for out front. People popped in for a visit and to see what we were up to. So far there has been resounding joy at this little jewel and its potential.

There are plenty of tables and lots of pencils and paper for those wanting to come in and draw. Or take a load off and read one or two of the reference books in the lounge. There are drinks and snacks available - donations appreciated. This coming week is about just being there for the community. Letting people get used to the place or ask questions. Whatever they feel comfortable doing.

So pop in from 10 till 1 on Sat or 10 till 4 Monday to Friday next week and say hi!

MUSEartspace grand opening -- EXCELLENT!

The opening was wonderful - video to come.
I'm hoping to get internet in the space soon
so I can update several times a day. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Artist making art at MUSEartspace

Warning: mute the sound! I tried to strip the sound from the video but it was being stubborn.

Well the big day is almost here and Benjamin Allain is hard at work painting.
Come out tomorrow for our grand opening from 5 to 9. It really will be GRAND!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MUSE evolution June 22

A preview of the space ready for picture hanging!

Benjamin Allain live art making at MUSEartpace

Come watch BENJAMIN ALLAIN make artwork in
MUSEartspace at 211 Euston St. Charlottetown
tomorrow (Wednesday June 23) from 1pm to 7pm!

Don't forget that MUSE's grand opening is
Thursday, June 24th, from 5 to 9 pm. Come break some
bread, drink some wine, and take in some wonderful art.
The workshop is set up so kids of all ages are welcome to
come draw and colour.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

organizing the space

It's coming together just as planned.
Time to decorate!

Monday, June 14, 2010


This is what your kids will be able to do if they participate in the MUSEkids summer camps!

;) hehe

Saturday, June 12, 2010

so close

Tomorrow the majority of the painting should be done.
Next step is scraping the floor of all the paint - messy messy messy!

Here's the biz card.

Friday, June 11, 2010

What is MUSEartspace?

From artists to art lovers, from children through to adults, MUSEartspace is a place for everyone. The open concept space holds an art gallery, a work studio, a lounge, a retail space and a community notice board. MUSE will be offering open studio time, children's summer and school year programming, and all ages programming and workshops. As well MUSE will host special functions like parties (for all ages), workshops, professional development seminars, charity functions and coffee houses. MUSE is taking proposals for shows in the gallery and welcomes all creatives to submit work to sell in the retail space. MUSEartspace is also available for rent should you want to run your own workshop, rehearsal or event.

MUSEartspace's mandate is to nourish creative growth in our community and to offer a space for emerging artists to show. The more people we have supporting this the bigger our creative presence will be. Join me on June 24th for the grand opening at 211 Euston St.! And remember to invite all your friends to join the MUSEartspace group on Facebook.

thanks peeps

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our ultimate goal is to erase the phrase "I'm bored" from the vocabulary of all tweens

MUSEkids summer camps for tween boys and girls ages 8 to 12.

With small class sizes and experienced teachers presenting unique and challenging programming MUSEkids is a one of a kind experience. Above and beyond the film making, animation, art, music and other completely amazing activities, the programming presents tools and techniques to help kids manage their energy and explore their imaginations. Our ultimate goal is to erase the phrase "I'm bored" from the vocabulary of all tweens that walk through our doors. Yes we believe in miracles! All of our programming is very suited to boys and girls. Yes even the yoga. Yoga is really about energy management, focus, and strength. Athletes across the world use yoga to improve concentration and keep their bodies flexible. The yoga in the MUSEkids programs will be physically challenging. This will be a great work out for them. Especially the zombie yoga - with all the fly shooing and worm slinging.

Come join the fun at MUSEartspace. And contact me, Renee, if you like to come check out the space and discuss the courses.

See you this summer!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Renos June 9th

Here's an update on the renos. It's coming along really well!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hellooooooo .... schedule for Saturday paint fest

Hi you lovelies who are coming to help paint - I'll be in the space from 1pm till 6pm today.
If any of you have extra roller handles or paint trays please bring with you. Thanks!
There will be refreshments and snacks for my wonderful helpers!

Let's get this place painted people!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Main Gallery Wall

Can't you just picture art on this pristine white wall?
Just a bit of trim work and she's done.
The other two walls are being built on Saturday.

I can save 1/2 your life now

Spent the day at a CPR class ... one more day to go and I'll be able to save your whole life!!

Today's schedule

I'm off to learn how to save lives. Be in the space from 5 to 8 for anyone interested in helping on the painting front. :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PEI care package for Regis and Kelly

Hi people - please forward this to whoever you think may be interested.

I'm pulling a care package together for Regis and Kelly to show them who we really are and what we really do to show how diverse we are and what we can offer as a place not just to visit but to experience. Also we are looking to expand our markets in each our own field and this is the best opportunity to get exposure across North America. I'm in contact with someone right now and am waiting on confirmation that we will be able to have the package opened on the air. I hear this has been done in the past.

I'm putting the call out now because I don't want to scramble at the last minute. Also I'm sure there will be an enormous response to this call and I can't ensure that everyone will get in, however there are ways to consolidate efforts - for example the Island Film Factory is pulling together a reel of several works from several film makers on the island.

If it turns out that this idea is rejected by the producers you will have your merch returned to you or you can decide to keep it in the package and we can deliver it anyway. It's up to you.

I know there's been a big ruckus about the cost of this visit but since it's going ahead I want to ensure that this isn't a waste of our money. We all have to work together to make this opportunity work for us. And we can make this work for us!!!!

You can email me at to throw your name in the hat or ask questions.

Go team go!!!!!!!!!

Renee Laprise

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kids and yoga -- opening up to their creative energy

Childlight Yoga ( is a terrific resource for people interested in learning more about why yoga is being offered at MUSEartspace.

Experience has shown me that opening children and adults up to their creative energy is incredibly powerful. Yoga is a great way to get the energy flowing, and to help with focus, and managing emotions and thoughts in a constructive and healthy way. Starting a day with a simple yoga session filled with gentle postures and breathing techniques can do wonders for a child and can make the rest of their day so much more enjoyable.

Come join the MUSEkids this summer for wonderful yoga camps filled with lots of fun, art, music, outdoor play and eco-projects.

MUSE Renos -- the week of June 1

Hi Peeps

Here's my reno schedule for this week.

NOTE: we are only painting - and if anyone has an extra ladder
if you could bring it that would be cool! Also extra paint pans and
roller handles are good. I have lots of roller replacements and brushes.

Tues June 1 --- 3 to 5pm
Wed June 2 --- 3 to 8pm
Thur June 3 --- 5:30 to 8pm
Sat June 5 --- 1 to 6pm
Sun June 6 --- not in

My Lovely Little Muse

I'm posting this today just as a reminder that our children are the ones we should be looking to for inspiration and advice on how to live our most creative lives. They are so imaginative, free and playful. They crave adventure and want to learn and explore. And the most precious commodity to a kid is love.

Today I strive to live life with the energy of a kid.