Thursday, October 28, 2010


Okay - so the last 4 months have certainly been a whirlwind for me. With opening MUSE, changing my living situation, putting on the Witches Ball, meeting all of you amazing people and trying to be the best mother I can be, I've seen myself let go of some of the activities and rituals that got me here in the first place. Now feeling tired, achy and ,yeah, a bit cranky, I'm finding that I'm in desperate need of re-establishing a daily routine that will invigorate me and bring me back to the place that I was when I opened MUSE.

So to do this I've decided to open MUSE early in the mornings Wed, Thurs, and Fri - 8:00am to 9am - to do a morning ritual that will include some yoga, meditation and visualization. There may be days that I throw in an art project like a small "intention collage'. Entry will be by donation. I won't be doing instruction - this will be more about sharing the experience and building a practice, giving people and myself a structure to work with that will helps us get into a routine. The front door will be open from 8:00 to 8:15 but will be locked after that. Late comers can come in quietly through the back entrance. I'm looking so forward to this. I hope you take me up on this offer cause it's easier to do this with a support system.

I have mats and will supply the visualizations and art supplies. You just need to bring your butts into the studio before work! If you don't know yoga - you can follow me or you can stretch or just increase your meditation time. MUSE is an amazing place to settle and allow the energy to pour into you. You'll leave the place ready for your day!!

Call me if you have questions -- Renee Laprise - 388-2044

Monday, October 25, 2010

First House Concert was AMAZING!

FOREST CITY LOVERS, STEVE BROWN AND STORY were in MUSEartspace last night to perform. It was intimate and all about the music. Really wonderful!

More pix and video can be found at JUNNNKTANK.COM

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

“Evolve Your Creative Potential”

MUSEartspace presents:
“Evolve Your Creative Potential”

Michelle is excited to unveil her powerful new program
that will enable clients to manage and direct their most
precious resource, their CREATIVE ENERGY. With
18 years of professional development and personal
coaching, Michelle has led seminars, workshops, tele-
trained, and impacted the lives of over 1,000 clients.

Michelle will give you a peek into the “Evolve Your Creative Potential” program by introducing the steps to creating a daily life practice that:

· Consistently aligns you with your creative intelligence
· Helps you to identify and outsmart the ego
· Allows you to live an uncompromised life
· Empowers your overall development
· Turbocharges your creativity and powers up your life

and FREE!!!! Learn how to make a vision board with Renee Laprise.
THURS., NOV. 4th
7:00 TO 8:30pm
$10 at the door

Monday, October 18, 2010

MUSE schedule change

Hi everybody

MUSE will be open the last 2 weeks of October despite my earlier plans. I will be in and out due to the Witches Ball prep but will be running pre-school drop in from 10 to 11am monday to friday along with my other scheduled programming.

I do have Tomoyo Suzuki in the space right now. Lovely little drawings - snapshots of her time here. The big gallery is being left empty to accommodate some programming and because there is a Lovely Witches Club show at the Guild.

I'm looking for artists to fill the big gallery for mid Nov till the New Year. So submit a proposal and we'll tawk!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Michael Pendergast - "Not To Be Told ... Strange and Eerie Tales of the Island"

Michael Pendergast presents:
"Not To Be Told ... Strange and Eerie Tales of the Island"

Come share in an evening of storytelling for adults with the Island own Michael Pendergast. These strange and eerie tales are mostly true stories that Michael has some connection to whether through family or places he's lived and he's letting you into these well kept (and not so well kept) secrets for just one evening!

Michael will be telling stories from 7 to 8pm and then the audience will have a chance to share their own Island tales from 8 to 9pm.

$10 at the door

MUSEartspace 211 Euston St. Charlottetown - 566-3312