Saturday, January 22, 2011

Private Portraits testimonial - "It was an empowering and loving experience for me."

'Private Portraits' is an opportunity for a person to sit as a model for an artist. Posing is at the model's discretion and on his/her terms. Sketching happens for 90 mins and the sitter retains all the drawings from the session. The session is very private and discreet. It's an amazing experience for both sitter and artist. Read the following testimonial to see the process from the sitter's perspective!

"I had my first private portrait session with fantastic woman last week and this is what she had to say about the experience.

A passionate lover of art,, I have often marveled at how an artist can sit with a model and capture that particular moment in time: the emotion of it, the depth of it. Recently I noticed Renee Laprise of MUSEartspace, was offering to do a nude sketch of folks for an out of the ordinary gift idea and with a great deal of courage, I signed up. Now, for you folks that know me, you might be thinking "Oh Cat! You're always up for an adventure! You love trying new things." And you'd be right in assuming that, but I do have a vulnerable side too and I will be 49 this year and I haven't been a size 3 in quite some time. So it did take courage and trust. I trusted Renee to provide an atmosphere of patience, discretion and honour and sensitivity and she did. It was an empowering and loving experience for me. I would highly recommend it to every woman and man who are on a journey's toward love and self acceptance. And bonus! I LOVE IT! Not a bad looking chick for a gal who's almost 50! *g*Catherine Ann "

Private Portraits bookings (all drawings retained by the sitter)
$75.00 per 90 minute sitting
$125 to have someone else (ie partner) draw alongside the artist (all materials provided)
call Renee for more info 388-2044 or email