Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The goal of MUSEartspace is ...

The goal of MUSEartspace is ...
... to promote artistic expression and creative healing within the PEI community.

People have said it often ... MUSE feels like a healthy space. And that's exactly what
it was intended to evolve into. In the coming months I will be introducing more and more
programs that will use art to promote health (in mind, body and spirit). Currently I
have one Sunday a month dedicated to Creative Healing.

The first in the Creative Healing Series is: Expressing through Free Painting.
Class will consist of some creativity exercises, some visualizaton exercises,
and then we'll spend some time painting on large sheets of paper.
The last bit of class will be a discussion of the work. This is a day to spend painting what's in your soul. To call on the MUSE to allow you to free something that your soul's been trying to tell you. It's going to be fun and freeing. No worries about final product here. Only the process.

pre-registration required

bring a friend and pay only $50