Friday, February 4, 2011

Private Portrait sample

Here's a sample of the kind of portrait that you can walk away with after a private portrait sitting.
It really is a fantastic experience especially for women.

$75 for a 90 min sitting

email me if you'd like to book -- I have Sunday Feb 6th available if anyone wants a portrait done before Valentine's Day!

the practice of letting go

Life's been a bit challenging for me the past couple of months but I feel so compelled to give right now. However, giving unconditionally seems so hard to me sometimes. Last night I prayed for help in understanding unconditional love.

I woke up hoping to know what to do. It wasn't there. And as I walked to work I was trying so hard to love through the noise of my brain. I was trying so hard to push away the sadness/hurting/chattering/anger and to drag in the love from the universe that I noticed my face was completely tensed up. When I realized this I relaxed my face and BAM - there it was.

You can't think of loving and you definitely can't think of being loved. Love doesn't filter through the brain only the soul. Once I stopped thinking, I could sense it. And then I knew. It's funny to think of practicing letting go. But it is really a skill you must cultivate. Letting go of hurts/judgement/anger leaves the space for love to enter. Letting go of your perception of love leaves the space for all kinds of love to enter. And then the cycle of love can happen as easily and effortlessly as breathing.

I just have to get used to that feeling of space inside of me -- it's uncomfortable for my brain but it's just going to have to get used to it!

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