Saturday, April 23, 2011


From the beginning I've said that MUSE will evolve into what it needs to be. Well that time has come!!

I've spent the past year trying things and assessing the best direction for the space. It's become apparent that this type of space is needed in Charlottetown - not only physically but emotionally and spiritually too. I've found the best types of programming and events have been the ones that I've done for myself. Yoga, the dress up parties, the music, the gallery openings. These have all been my selfish little dreams come true.

So as attendance to workshops (the bulk of the income) started to dwindle I had to ask myself 'what do I truly want to happen here'.

When I first opened it was supposed to be a place where artists would hang out and make art. And that's what I've loved about it for myself. It's a creative place to make art, store my supplies, show work, meet the public and sell pieces. That's what I want to continue here. I want it to be a shared studio/gallery.

IDEA: Rent out space to 7 artists - me being the 8th and we would use the space as an open studio where the public can come in at certain times to watch us work and potentially buy our stuff. It would kind of work like the Harbourfront Centre in Charlottetown except less zoo-like.

For a low monthly fee of $150 you would get:
Space to work and store your stuff
Comfy lounge
Store to sell stuff in
Gallery to show
Kitchen with stove, micro, fridge
Good bathroom
24 hour access
me managing and promoting the space and therefore your work

There could be an option to book the space to run your own workshops but I haven't figured that one out yet.

To keep the rent low I'm going to ask for a commission from the shop and potential workshops. What I'm looking for is to cover the costs of rent and maintaining the space as well as marketing it.

This is a proposal to all of you artists who are looking to make, show and sell work in a creative and social setting. I need feedback. Are there 7 of you willing to take me up on this?

NOTE: MUSE can't physically support certain types of work - ie kiln, welding, smelly solvents.

If you know of anyone who may be interested send them my way. I'm looking to start this up in the next few months.