Monday, July 12, 2010

The little basket that could

Here's a picture of the basket of goodies donated by the creative community of Prince Edward Island. This was before some last minute adds but since it's getting so much attention I thought I'd post the contents. They are listed below. And someone asked about the story - well it's simple really. I was really excited to hear that PEI was going to get the chance to show itself off on an international stage like Regis and Kelly. So I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. I am a great advocate of our cultural community. I truly love what happens here. For such a small place there is an enormous amount of talent. I want everyone to see that. And I want lots of people to come out to see it. I want PEI to show itself off as a haven, an island paradise like Hamish calls it. The place that I know outside of Anne and Lobster. Though both are also part of the greatness of this place. So I decided to put a call out for an Arts and Media gift basket to be presented to Regis and Kelly. I got some positive feedback from tourism and some more positive feedback from the artists so I went for it. In the end I got some really great stuff. I would say a good cross section of what we offer here. I was hoping for a chance to get at least one of the gifts on the air. I never thought it would get this much attention in PEI itself. I think that's brilliant! We need to know what we do here. Many of us haven't a clue what's being created on our tiny island. If this little basket can shed light to Islanders on just how great we are then it's done its job. If it gets international attention then ... well ... that's the icing on the cake!

Here's the list - I'm missing some - will update shortly
•Nils Ling - his book Truths and Half Truths
•Michael Stanley - 2 red earth latte cups
•Nessya's gems - a handcrafted piece especially made for Kelly plus a pile of other pieces
•The Lovely Witches Club - a deck of wisdom cards and a hand made journal
•Cheryl Wagner - a Molly doll for her internationally syndicated TV show Big Comfy Couch
•Patti Larsen - her book Cat City
•Darlene Waye Abbott MacInnis - Heaven on Earth in which an essay of hers has been published alongside that of Barack Obama among others
•Carol Little - her book Hide Your Life Away
•Troy Little - his graphic novel Angora Napkin which has been nominated for an Eisner award and has currently been adapted to television as an animated pilot by Island production company Mugisha Enterprises to be aired on Teletoon in the fall
•Diane Giddings - heritage teddy bear made from recycled fur coats
•Caron Prins - large painting
•Heather Wilson - her book Your Life According to you
•Cory Doucette - Music CD
•Nudie and the Turks - Music CD
•Teresa Doyle - Music CD
•Benjamin Allain - painting
•Gail Duguay - her book Gail of the Wind
•Susan Rodgers - her short film Dreamers
•Trapeze Animation - music CD and DVD of their CBC series Razzberry Jazzberry Jam!
•Michael Williams - Children's Music CD
•Catherine Ann Howatt Dickson - Art Cards
•Christine Trainer - Handmade paper
• Luke Leunes - graphic print and t-shirts
• Fiddler's Sons - CD's