Monday, November 8, 2010

artiste et innovatrice

I know this could be considered a bit of a vain post but I don't care. We all need to celebrate our successes and I'm no different. This photo is from La Voie de l'emploi - October/November issue. The success that I'm celebrating here is that I have a history of being terrified of speaking in front of people. This summer I was thrown into the to spotlight having pulled a basket together for Regis and Kelly. I tell ya I nearly bolted when Pat Martel said we were on in 10 seconds. But I literally said a prayer - "dear God, Universe, whoever/whatever you are, please let me say what I need to say for the good of myself and everyone involved." I focused on moving energy through my heart instead of words from my head and guess what. I did great! This photo is from the Cultural Forum where we were asked to speak to the role of culture in our economy. I immediately said yes when I was asked to be on this panel - despite my fears. I didn't give my head a chance to talk. And when I got there - 10 secs before it was my turn the fear crept in and once again I said my prayer. I'm telling you I am not a religious woman but this tiny little reminder that I'm here to do some good in this world and that there is help out there was enough to calm me down and let me speak from the heart. It was a good feeling.

So this paper called me an "artiste et innovatrice" and that was just lovely. I'll wear that title with pride. :)