Thursday, May 26, 2011

Moving Forward

Hi everyone,

Over the last month I've been wrestling with the idea of continuing to keep MUSEartspace open but with the latest news that MUSE did not receive the Scotia prize this decision was made easier. So I'm sorry to say that MUSE will be closing at the end of July. That said there are still awesome summer camps happening in July so pass on the word!

I want to tell you that this last year has been AWESOME. I've loved every second and it's made me grow exponentially as a person. I've been able to try so many things and meet so many amazing people. The support that you gave during the Scotia prize voting was fantastic!

I know many of you will be disappointed but this isn't the end. There are big things happening in Charlottetown and I will continue to be an active part of the community. I hope to see you all out around town :) And you can always contact me at if you are interested in collaborating on something or if you have questions or needs you think I can address.

Please keep tabs on my artist page at - you could even LIKE it! Then I can alert you as to any events I may be having like life drawing or classes.

That means that 211 Euston St. will be available from Aug1. It's 1400 square feet - with a beautiful gallery space, a great bathroom, a full kitchen and ton of other goodies. I am willing to leave some of the furniture and other stuff here if a group of you decide to get together to make this a shared studio space. It's a beautiful place to work. I had originally thought to turn MUSE into this kind of space but I decided that I didn't want to spend time managing. The rent is a bit high but split among 8 or 9 people you could cover it and have a storefront to boot. I hope someone decides to go with this idea. I'll be giving notice June 1 so please get back to me ASAP and I'll set up a meeting with the landlord -- he's a great guy and wants the space to continue to be a place for the arts!

Take care everyone. Here's to the next chapter!



  1. Well Renee,
    I can attest to the great things you have done over the past year. Celebrate what you created and how you affected everyone who walked through the doors of MUSE!
    Onto the next chapter gurly whurl! I have a feeling that it's going to be an awesome one!!!!
    Lot's of Love!

  2. I only saw this posting today. You did amazing work at MUSE and I'm honoured to have been at the opening. Can't wait to see the exciting projects you'll bring to PEI next!